Margaret KingsburyI’m obsessed with books. I’m a content writer for Book Riot and co-creator of Baby Librarians, a children’s book review website. I also run social media for Baby Librarians on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to Book Riot and Baby Librarians, I’ve written bookish articles for StarTrek.com, The Bronzeville Bee, Audible, and more. My fantasy and fairytale short stories and poems have appeared in Devilfish Review, Nonbinary Review, Pulp Literature, and Expanded Horizons.

I have a Master of Arts in English, experience teaching college, and a genuine love for helping others.

I’m passionate about storytelling, helping to promote diverse and marginalized voices, and parenting as a feminist. I live in Nashville, TN with my daughter, husband, and many, many, many many many books. You can never have too many.

Feel free to contact me at kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com

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