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Writing is hard. All published writers had help getting there. I’d like to be that help.

I’m obsessed with books and reading. I write about books for a living on Book Riot, BuzzFeed Books, and more, and I also write short stories and poems. I’ve edited newsletters, blogs, short stories, novels, and more. I list my services and prices below, but I can be flexible if the prices don’t work with your budget. Email me at kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com for more info. I also accept clients through Salt and Sage Books, where I provide editing and disability sensitivity reads. Their rates are very reasonable.

Editing Services

Novels     Short Stories     Academic Essays     Creative Nonfiction     Blogs     Newsletters

Query Letter Critique: I’ll revise and provide feedback on your agent query letter, for up to three rounds of revision. $75

First 15 Pages Critique: Most agents will ask you to include the first five to fifteen pages as a sample when you query. I’ll provide both line and developmental edits on the first 15 pages of a manuscript, for up to three rounds of revision, to make these pages as strong as possible. $150

Beta Read: I’ll provide general and honest feedback about what is and isn’t working in your manuscript. You’ll receive a 2 page summary of my thoughts. $1 a page, a minimum of $50.

Sensitivity Read: I can be a sensitivity reader for disability representation. $1 per page, a minimum of $50.

Blogs and Newsletters: I can write, proofread, edit, format, find and create images, utilize good SEO practices, or any combination of the above. Prices vary by package and need but are generally between $50 and $300. Discounts for ongoing or bulk work.

Line Edits: I’ll check for spelling, grammar, formatting, and punctuation errors, as well as factual inconsistencies, awkward sentences, redundancies, and overall flow. $900+ for 300-page manuscripts, $50+ for 15-page manuscripts. I’ll need to see a sample for specific price quotes.

Developmental Edits: I’ll provide detailed feedback on all the elements of your writing: plot, characters, depth of research, tone, audience, etc. I’ll give a 2-3 page break down element by element, as well as page by page in-text feedback as I read. $1200+ for 300-page manuscripts. $75+ for 15-page manuscripts.

Email me with a 5-page sample for specific pricing. Every piece is different, and some manuscripts will require more work than others. 25% discount for line edits available for writers who first hire me for developmental edits. (Email: kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com)

Need a sample first? I’ll provide either line edits or developmental edits on the first 5 pages for $20. If you decide you want me to continue, that amount will be subtracted from the overall cost.

Writer Services And Packages

Literary Agent Spreadsheet: Researching agents can be grueling and time-consuming. After an email consultation about your project and needs, I’ll find the best agents to pitch in your genre, and create a spreadsheet outlining their contact information, submission requirements, why I think they’d be a good match, and some of the authors they represent. Let’s find you an agent! $100 for the first 25 agents.

Short Story/Poetry Markets Spreadsheet: I read short stories and poetry from online publications constantly, and I know from a writer’s perspective it’s difficult to figure out the best places to submit work. After an email consultation about your work and needs, I’ll create a spreadsheet of places to submit your work, providing contact information, submission guidelines, rates, editor names, wait times, and why I think they’d be a good fit. $50 per ten markets.

Book Submissions Package: This includes the query letter critique, the first 15 pages critique, and the literary agent spreadsheet of 25 agents. Note that the query letter and first 15 pages critiques include three rounds of revision. $300

Short Story/Poetry Submissions Package: This includes a beta read, line edit, and the short story/poetry markets spreadsheet of 10 markets. $200

Note: I cannot guarantee publication or that you’ll be signed by an agent. I’ll do my best to ensure that your manuscript is ready for success, but there’s no way I can guarantee that success. If you’re unhappy with my work, I’ll do everything within my means to rectify the issue.

Contact Information

Email: kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com

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Margaret researched, composed and assembled a snappy, polished submissions package of my fiction and creative nonfiction writings and manuscript for magazines, competitions and literary agents. I hired Margaret because she’s professional, insightful and organized, and I’ve been pleased beyond belief with her work and the results. I continue to hire her because her work gets results! She’s both creative and logic-minded – a fantastic and hard-to-find combination. – Nina Adel, MA, MFA

Margaret is a thorough and dedicated editor who truly cares about the projects she takes on. She provides a keen eye for line edits, as well as feedback on large-scale developmental edits that truly strengthened my work. I can’t recommend her highly enough! – Nikki VanRy, Content Marketing Manager

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