Short Story and Poem Publications



Devilfish Review, Issue #15

Appalachian Selkie, short story

Pulp Literature, Issue #5

The Longing is Green when Branches are Trees, short story

Nonbinary Review, Issue #6, The 1001 Arabian Nights

Arousal, poem



Nonbinary Review, Issue #1, Grimm’s Fairy Tales

All Wolves Hunger, short story

Expanded Horizons, Issue #42

The Hard Metaphors, poem



Battle Runes: Writings on War

The Consequent Phrase of a Melody, short story


Miscellaneous Interviews, Publications, and Videos

My Book Riot posts

12 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers and/or Writers (that aren’t books), 2016 (re-post from my blog)

The Censorship Monster, blog post on McKay’s Nerds, 2015

Interview with the Green, 2014

Reading of All Wolves Hunger, video, 2014

Inside Battle Runes, book review and interview, 2011