Writer, Editorial, and Assistant Services

Content Writing Sevices

I write blogs, articles, how-tos, book promotional materials, and more. I’m familiar with SEO and can create custom images for pieces. Rates start at $75 a piece, depending on the amount of research required and the piece’s length. Email me at kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com with specifics about your project, and I’ll respond with a rate. I’m also more than willing to send samples of my previous work for clients.

Editing Services

Novels     Short Stories     Academic Essays     Creative Nonfiction     Blogs     Newsletters

Line Edits: I’ll check for spelling, grammar, formatting, and punctuation errors, as well as factual inconsistencies, awkward sentences, redundancies, and overall flow. Rates begin at $50.

Developmental Edits: I’ll provide detailed feedback on all the elements of your writing: plot, characters, depth of research, tone, audience, etc. I’ll give a 2-3 page break down element by element, as well as page by page in-text feedback as I read. Rates begin at $75.

Blogs, Newsletters, and More: I can write, proofread, edit, format, find and create images, utilize good SEO practices, or any combination of the above. Prices vary by length and research required but are generally between $50 and $300, with discounts for ongoing or bulk work.

Query Letter Critique: I’ll revise and provide feedback on your agent query letter for up to three rounds of revision. $75

First 15 Pages Critique: Most agents will ask you to include the first five to fifteen pages as a sample when you query. I’ll provide both line and developmental edits on the first 15 pages of a manuscript for up to three rounds of revision. $150

Beta Read: I’ll provide general and honest feedback about what is and isn’t working in your manuscript. You’ll receive some in-text feedback and a 2 page summary of my thoughts—$ 1 a page, a minimum of $50.

Sensitivity Read: I can be a sensitivity reader for asthma, postpartum depression, and invisible disability representation. You’ll receive relevant in-text comments and a two-page summary letter—$ 1 a page, a minimum of $50.

Manuscript Submissions Package: This includes the query letter critique, the first 15 pages critique, and a spreadsheet of 25 literary agents in your genre currently open to queries. Note that the query letter and first 15 page critiques include three rounds of revision. $300

I’m happy to provide samples of my past work.

Please email me for inquiries: kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com

Misc. Writer and Virtual Assistant Services

Here are some services I’ve provided in the past, but don’t hesitate to contact me with any other services you may need.

  • WordPress media library maintenance
  • Research topics
  • Fact check
  • Compile notes
  • Transcribe recordings
  • Pitch essays and ideas
  • MailChimp maintenance
  • Format blogs for SEO in WordPress
  • Create social media and blog images
  • Check and sort email
  • Create and edit spreadsheets
  • Create lists of literary agents to query
  • Create lists of journals accepting short fiction and poetry

Contact Information

Email: kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com

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Margaret researched, composed and assembled a snappy, polished submissions package of my fiction and creative nonfiction writings and manuscript for magazines, competitions and literary agents. I hired Margaret because she’s professional, insightful and organized, and I’ve been pleased beyond belief with her work and the results. I continue to hire her because her work gets results! She’s both creative and logic-minded – a fantastic and hard-to-find combination. – Nina Adel, MA, MFA

Margaret is a thorough and dedicated editor who truly cares about the projects she takes on. She provides a keen eye for line edits, as well as feedback on large-scale developmental edits that truly strengthened my work. I can’t recommend her highly enough! – Nikki VanRy, Content Marketing Manager

Every time I contact Margaret with a new task, she goes above and beyond my expectations by providing thorough work with a fast turnaround. She’s organized, detail-oriented with excellent research skills, and always willing to tackle new things. – Nancy Peske, book publishing consultant and editor

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