I’m a regular contributing writer for BuzzFeed Books, Book Riot, and StarTrek.com, and my work has also appeared in The Nashville Scene, SFWA, Think Inclusive, and more. I’m the co-creator of Baby Librarians, a children’s book review website, as well as its social media manager on Instagram and Facebook. My short stories and poems have been published in Abyss & Apex, Devilfish Review, Pulp Literature, and Nonbinary Review, among other publications. I have an MA in English and taught university English for 4 years. I currently copy edit for a major website, maintain its WordPress media library, and edit for Salt and Sage Books. My family and I live in Nashville, TN, where I can be found chasing my toddler, reorganizing my bookshelves, hiking, and naming all the birds I see.

Feel free to contact me at kingsbury.margaret@gmail.com.

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