How I Teach Drafting Papers

A Bookshelf of Writing Books

On the first day of the semester in my University Writing class, I ask my students to generate a research question and to ask as many of their fellow students the question before the class ends. The question can be anything: best place for pizza in town, favorite ice cream flavor, what to watch on … Read more

Fairytale Syllabus

This semester I taught my very first fairytale themed college course. I’ve had lots of requests for the reading list, so here it is, all free online if you follow the links. (I’m so thankful places like Surlalune exist, making fairy tales readily accessible. It’s also where I found all the images in this post.) … Read more

Halloween Reading — Ghost Stories

This semester, I’m teaching a fairytale-themed seminar class, and my students requested we read ghost stories for Halloween. Though I’m no ghost story expert, I’m still happy to oblige! One of the class’s course goals is to introduce students to different cultures, so I’ve made it a point to include tales from around the world in … Read more

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