Creative Writing

Short Story and Poem Publications

Abyss & Apex, Issue #76

After I reach the end of a fairy tale, poem

Devilfish Review, Issue #15

Appalachian Selkie, short story, free online

Pulp Literature, Issue #5

The Longing is Green when Branches are Trees, short story

Nonbinary Review, Issue #6, The 1001 Arabian Nights

Arousal, poem

Nonbinary Review, Issue #1, Grimm’s Fairy Tales

All Wolves Hunger, short story

Expanded Horizons, Issue #42

The Hard Metaphors, poem, free online

Battle Runes: Writings on War

The Consequent Phrase of a Melody, short story

Miscellaneous Interviews, Publications, and Videos Related to Creative Writing

Interview with the Green

Reading of All Wolves Hunger, video

Inside Battle Runes, book review and interview

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